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Many people who would like nothing more than to come to the United States and begin contributing to this great country are unable to do so because they are not able to get their hands on a Visa. Here at the Hall Law Office, we have taken up many cases of people who are struggling with this exact issue.

Visas are something that people need to have access to in order to move about the country. It is, unfortunately, the case that many people don’t have easy access to Visas because the process is so lengthy and burdensome.

One option you do have, however, is an employment-based or work Visa.

Types of Temporary Work Visas

If you are interested in applying for a Work Visa, here are some options available:

H-1B Visas

H-1B Visas are used for foreigners for specialty occupations, such as complex organizational jobs that require a specific degree.

H-2A Visas

H-2A Visas are used for foreign agricultural workers.

H-2B Visas

H-2B Visas are used for foreigners who are doing seasonal, non-agricultural work.

Permanent Employment Visas

While the above-mentioned Visas are only temporary, there is also an option to obtain a permanent employment Visa. In order to qualify for this, an employer would need to make a petition on behalf of the foreigner.

Specific certifications are required in this process, certifications that an experienced attorney can help with.

We feel that it is our responsibility to stand up for people in these circumstances and let them know that they are not alone. We are happy to stand side-by-side with them and fight for their ability to come into the country.

What we cannot stand for is for anyone to get denied entry into the country because they just don’t have an attorney who knows how to stand up and represent them. That kind of thing happens sometimes, and it is an absolute shame that there are people who are left in those circumstances at times. It is troubling, and it means that there is still a great need for more people in the legal profession to step up and help out those who are in no position to help themselves. We must do what we can to bring justice and equality to as many people as we can.

Needless to say, we are working hard to try to bring those things to the immigrant community. We understand that it will take a lot of work to help rebuild their trust in what this country can do for them, but we hope that we can help provide a little boost to those who are afraid that this country has rejected them forever. That doesn’t have to be the case!

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