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Debt Settlement Attorneys

Owing a large amount of money on unsecured debts can weigh heavily on anyone experiencing this type of financial burden. Our office is happy to offer you a Free Consultation regarding your situation, and we can help you if you decide you need assistance in beginning the process of Debt Settlement.

Unsecured debts include medical bills, student loans, credit cards, store and gas cards, personal loans, collection accounts, and even bounced checks. For these types of debts, lenders will usually accept less than the full amount if it’s clear you don’t have the money to pay them. They are also often especially compliant if the original amount has continued to grow with interest, late charges, and collection costs.

Oftentimes, unsecured debt lenders would rather settle with you than take a chance on getting nothing if you later choose to file for bankruptcy. Large companies often view it as a necessary step to settle for lower than possibly receive nothing at all later. If the negotiation is successful, and it often is, the creditor may even be convinced to take the settled debt off your credit history!

We only charge flat fees for debt settlement so you don’t have to worry about paying some outrageous percentage of your total debt as a fee like most debt settlement companies.

The Benefits of Hiring Hall Law Office:

  • Immediately Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Avoid a Debt Lawsuit
  • Resolve Your Debt for a Substantial Discount
  • Know if you Should Look into Bankruptcy
  • Credit cards that are in default
  • Outstanding Medical bills
  • Car Repossession Debt

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